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Learning to trade with a community of traders while following our professional strategies will amplify your trading success. Collaborate and ask questions on each trading idea until you have the expertise to trade a strategy on your own. Join us and fast track your development to a trader who can generate an income from the markets on a consistent basis.


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We focus on the community aspect of trading in order to allow traders to learn from each other. Trading can be a solitary pursuit, however, by being part of a broader trading community your knowledge and confidence will continue to grow organically. We encourage active participation by professional clients to help pave the way on your path to success. Join now and learn new strategies to thrive in ever-changing market conditions.

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With in-depth market analysis we find suitable trades that are designed to benefit our traders and community. Years of experience in the trenches have enabled us to develop and manage robust and time tested profitable investment strategies to help you succeed and become a professional trader.

Take advantage of our private Facebook Groups and imagine the power of thousands of traders scanning the markets and sharing their best ideas in chat with you. Ask the opinion of MyTradingAdvisor moderators on particular ideas and strategies.

Although trading is a solitary activity, you don’t need to trade the markets alone! Our community is here to help every step of the way. Have a question about a particular setup or day trading in general? Just reach out to one of the moderators in our chat room and they will be more than happy to help.

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