Easy Trade

Outsource the execution of a MyTradingAdvisor recommendation with the 'Easy Trade' service. Ideal if you don't have the time or confidence to place your own orders.


What is Easy Trade?

Easy Trade is an order execution service provided by MyTradingAdvisor for trading recommendations published in the Trade Advice section. Under this service, MyTradingAdvisor will only execute trades that you authorise. All you need to do is choose the position size and we will handle the rest giving you the ultimate in convenience

You hold the financial products in your brokerage account. The types of trades that you can invest your money in are described in the Trading Advice section of this website. The types of products encompassed by the trading strategy could include stocks, cfds, and options. You will be utilizing MyTradingAdvisor for execution services for the trading strategy you select on your account. The value of your account will fluctuate up and down based upon the trades placed by the trading recommendation you have selected.

Ready to try Easy Trade?

All you need to do is decide which trade you want to take and how much of it you want. We handle the rest for you. You can trade multiple recommendations at once. You can trade as many trading recommendations as you like in your brokerage account. You can trade stocks, options, and cfds. You can monitor trades, positions, and profit-and-loss in real time on your brokerage account. Save money on the extra fees required to run this yourself which include data fees, server fees, software fees, time developing systems etc.



Open your brokerage account via the Trade Advice portal with our supported third party brokers. Our supported brokers are the largest and best brokerage firms in the world, ensuring low counterparty risk.



In the Trade Advice, under Trading Strategies find a trading recommendation you would like to trade. Click the Easy Trade button and complete the number of shares or contracts to execute and we'll place for you.



Once your brokerage account is open and funded via MyTradingAdvisor we will be able to execute Easy Trade orders on your account for any recommendations you nominate.



My Trading Advisor offers you a free demo of the trading portal so you can experience first hand what our clients use on a daily basis and see ready to action trading advice.

Advantages of Easy Trade

Easy Trade enables traders, experienced and new alike, to take part in a trading recommendation, by having their trades executed by MyTradingAdvisor.


Once you have elected to start trading a recommendation fill in the number of shares, CFDs or options to trade in the order ticket. MyTradingAdvisor will execute the trade for your account once it is confirmed your account is ready to go and adequately funded.


The trading strategies that are available for you to invest into are shown in the Trading Strategies section of the Traders Room. All of the trading systems provided by MyTradingAdvisor should be considered speculative in nature and are subject to a number of risks including market risk.


You make the investment decisions on what trading recommendation to implement on your account and in what quantity. MyTradingAdvisor will execute the buy and sell decisions as per the recommendation. The number of shares or number of contracts to be traded in each trade will be exactly as decided by you and outlined in the Easy Trade order ticket.


Information about the performance and trades taking place on your brokerage account is available online through your brokerage portal. You will be able to track the performance of each individual trade in your brokerage account and produce a variety of reports including those needed for taxation purposes for the end of the financial year.

Key Reasons for Trading with Easy Trade

The ability to outsource the execution of applicable recommendations in the Traders Room to MyTradingAdvisor.


#1 create income from trading

Be able to create an income from trading, with the use of high quality trading strategies that have been stress tested across more than 30 years of market data, and thousands of stocks to determine viability.


#2 consistency

If you can make money from applying a trading recommendation consistently, the result no longer comes down to luck, but rather skill. What better way to apply a strategy consistently than to have MyTradingAdvisor execute the trade for you as per the trade outline every time.



By outsourcing the execution to MyTradingAdvisor you won’t miss out on an opportunity because you were unable to place the order yourself on that day. Our staff are following the markets every day and can place your orders for you.


#4 save money

If you implement strategies on your own infrastructure you need trading software, servers, live data and more. This can add up to a large monthly expense. By outsourcing the execution to us you don’t need any of those things.



We execute the orders for you in accordance with the strategy you have selected. No more ad hoc placing the order later or not at all and suffering the painful impact of slippage.


#6 no more freezing up

If you find yourself having difficulty placing an order, because you are freezing up or to fearful about the result, let us help. By outsourcing the execution to MyTradingAdvisor you can focus on what you’re good at, and we’ll handle the execution of your trading for you.

Final thoughts for Easy Trade

Our systems are built by industry veterans with decades of market experience. Unlike other platforms offering strategy services you can be sure the strategies you are following with us have been extensively tested for profitability across over 30 years of market data and across thousands of stocks and environments.

Easy Trade takes the hard work out of trading. Sit back and relax as MyTradingAdvisor takes care of the trade execution for you. Your job is to simply monitor your account and ensure it is performing in line with your selected trading strategy. It doesn’t get much easier than that!